Reunion Student Loan Finance Corporation (RSLFC) Changes Its Name to ZuntaFi. Aberdeen based student loan servicer is expanding services.

Reunion Student Loan Finance Corporation announces a name change as part of a strategy to expand services, achieve growth objectives and to develop new partner relationships. The name change to ZuntaFi is not the result of a merger and the business is not changing ownership, the business is evolving beyond student loans and RSLFC no longer represents where the company is going.

“Zunta means honest and accurately represents the business as our relationships have always been honest and courteous. We have a customer-first attitude and believe relationships are more important than transactions, this is true for borrowers, lenders and amongst co-workers.” - Dawn Imrie, Chief Executive Officer

Founded in 1978, the business began by servicing federal student loans. For more than 40 years, the company perfected how to guide students and their families through the student loan process. In recent months, the business has expanded to serve additional consumer loan categories beyond student loans.

“This is an exciting time for our business. Our intuitive online platform coupled with a tenured team eager to provide insightful assistance is an unbeatable combination well suited for more than just student loans.” - Spencer Aberle, Chief Operating Officer

If you would like more information about ZuntaFi visit or contact Katie Carlson at (605) 622-4446 or

About ZuntaFi – With roots in student loan origination, servicing and collection, ZuntaFi has developed a seamless loan platform providing partners with an end-to-end solution for consumer lending. Our platform offers flexibility to develop custom finance products to suit each partner's market and customers. This turn-key solution requires no additional staffing and no technology investment. Loan customers receive personal service from our team, based in South Dakota, who is passionate about providing assistance and guidance from application through payoff.

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