College can be IS expensive, don't let anyone tell you it's not. But it doesn't have to be ridiculously spendy, as long as you're not ridiculously loose with your cash.

1. Correct credit card usage
If you need a credit card, be sure to shop around for cards without annual fees and that have low interest rates. Only use the credit card for emergencies, and pay the balance due in full with every bill you receive.

 2. Buy/rent used books online
Whether it’s Chegg, Amazon, or another site, these books are significantly lower in price than on campus.  Plan ahead, though, because you will need to get them shipped to you. Make sure you have them delivered for the first week of classes.

3. Work hard in school
This may seem like a no-brainer, but you have no idea how helpful getting in good with your advisors and professors will be. Not only will it assist in earning scholarships and grants, but also when you’re job-hunting after graduation, there’s no better resource for connections. Not to mention many universities offer a specified scholarship for students maintaining a certain grade point average.

4. Try to graduate in four years
You will save yourself so much money on random expenses such as an extra semester of rent, for example. If you get done on time, you won’t be stuck in a lease after graduation.

5. Get a free checking & savings account
Don’t let banks nickel and dime you, ask how you can keep your accounts free.

6. Access student discounts
Take advantage of the ‘freebies’ that come with your student activities card. You pay enough for it; make sure you use it!

7. Test out
The College Level Examination Program offers exams in subjects you would normally take your first couple years of college. It's way cheaper, and you only have to take one test to replace an entire class!

8. Make your own coffee
You're required to have a meal plan, but you'll be surprised how quickly 'fancy' coffee drinks eat up your balance. Save your meal plan for just that, meals.

9. Consider going without cable
Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube it's definitely possible to skip cable. And guys, if you need your ESPN, at least consider a less-extensive package. Some cable companies are now even offering a-la-carte options.

1o. Pay off the interest on your student loans while in school
If you're able to get a part-time job or paid internship and have a little extra saved up, pay off the interest on your student loans while you're still in school. You'd be surprised how much of a difference it makes once you graduate.

Bottom line -  Spend your college cash wisely!