This doesn't translate to simply not being mean, because believe it or not, we understand most people's main goal in life isn't to be flat out rude, obnoxious and well, mean to others. And you probably fall under that most people category. What it does translate to is being purposefully NICE, not just not mean. You may wonder how keeping to yourself and not bothering anyone could be perceived negatively, but it certainly can. Even if you’re extremely involved and are seen as an outgoing person, it’s those students who aren’t within your core friend zone or activity circles that may feel ignored and therefore unimportant. We become so caught up in our own homework, our own friends and our own problems that we forget about others and what they could potentially be going through. This goes for high school, college and beyond! Partnering up with someone in class other than your best friend, inviting a random person to sit at your lunch table, or something as simple as saying hi to a classmate you haven't seen in awhile might mean nothing to you, but could mean the world to them. And it may also introduce you to some pretty awesome friends that you may not have considered otherwise.

“I hope we all make it,” is a very simple, yet powerful saying. High school is a breeding ground for competition. And while a normal amount of drive and motivation is healthy, it’s not necessary to constantly compare yourself to others. If we spent less time trying to beat those around us, it might be easier to be NICE.This is one of the advantages of college. That constant pressure to achieve a 4.0, sit at the right table, or be the star of the football team just isn’t there. You’re able to become more independent, focus on what’s important to you, and appreciate the differences your classmates and you share. Supporting others is a huge help in getting through college. Without your parents or siblings to cheer you on, it’s awesome to have someone in a similar situation supporting you and understanding what you’re going through. So simply refraining from lashing out at the innocent freshmen, starting fist fights or talking bad about someone behind their back shouldn’t cut it anymore - although abstaining from those things is also important :) Being NICE involves more than not being mean. It involves going out of your way to make someone’s day, someone you may not even consider a friend. It involves reaching out and supporting your classmates, roommates and acquaintances. You may just surprise yourself by inspiring those around you to do the same, and before we know it, the world may just become a little better place to be! Or at least high school will…which to some is essentially the same thing.